"Hi there. I'm going to teach you how to make a message box. All you need is
 Notepad. If you have any comments, feel free to post them. Just start
 learning and have fun!

First, open Notepad and type this:

x=msgbox(box text,buttons,box title)

On the part where it says "box text", type the text you want on the window 
(with quotation marks). On the "box title", type the title of the message box
 the same way you typed the text. On "buttons" type a number (without 
quotation marks):
0: Normal message box

1: OK and Cancel
2: Abort, Retry, Ignore
3: Yes, No, Cancel
4: Yes and No
5: Retry and Cancel
16: Critical message icon 
32: Warning query icon
48: Warning message icon
64: Information message icon
4096: Always stay on top of the desktop
 Example:x=msgbox("You are so infected",32,"Fake Virus 2012")

When you're done, save it as a VBS(or VBScript)file. To do this, type ".vbs" at
 the end of the title and change the "Text Document (*txt)" in the "Save as
 type" select box to "All Files" .

Example: File name: Fake_Virus.vbs

Save as type: All Files"



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