How To Create Desktop Shortcut for Safety Remove Hardware 


i am going to show you how can you make a desktop shortcut for safety remove hardware. follow the given below steps for do this ..

1. First You Right Click on your desktop and Click on New and Click on Shortcut from the list.

2. Now It will ask you the location. Just Type the below code in it.

     rundll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll

3. Now you click on next 

 4. Now give a desired Name for your Shortcut and Click onFinish Button.. 


That's it!!! Now You have create a shortcut for Safety Remove Hardware on your desktop!!! Now whenever you want to eject your hardware device like pen drive, then just double click on it and you can remove your Hardware device Safely..

This tips works on all windows Platforms including Windows XP,Vista and Windows 7.


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