CMD Fun Tricks and Useful CMD Commands

Here are some fun tricks and fun virus-
(1)If you are using a guest account and run is disabled you can use notepad to open regedit and cmd'
open notepad and type and save it as cmd.bat this batch file will open command prompt.
if you cant open regedit by run open notepad type regedit and save it as regedit.bat double click on this and regedit window will open.
(2)use notepad to abort shutdown -Open notepad and type shutdown -a and save it as time when your computer is about to shutdown double click on this bat file. for other cmd commands open command prompt and type shutdown a  and press enter.
(3)cmd fun virus- open notepad and type shutdown -r 10 and save as restart.bat this will restart your computer in 10 seconds if you want to use this for fun paste this file in system 32 and see. computer will restart in every 10 second.
(4)IP command- open command prompt and type ipconfig/all .
(5)How to know your friend's ip when chatting on a messenger. suppose you are using g-talk. ask your friend for a good wallpaper you have downloaded. send this to him .Now open your cmd and type Netstat -n


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