How To Create Your Own Custom Search Engine For Your Website | Create Free Search Engine For Your Website

Today i am going to show you how can you create a custom search engine for your own website . i hope you really enjoy it Follow the below steps for do this ..

1.First you Go to this site

2. Click on Create a Custom Search Engine

3. and then login with your gmail account

4. on the Site to search you can add any address that you want

like ,,

and remember put * mark before the site name

eq : *

5. Check on I have read and agree to the Terms of Service. and then click next

try it. and then click on finish

6. for more better result you can add any keyword that you want

like .zip .mp3 .rar .3gp .wma .wmv .avi .mp4 .pdf .mpg, by going to the control panel

and Basic sub menu..... enjoyy n gud morning to all my readers.. :)


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