Cracking Windows Logon Password

Cracking Windows Logon Password.(Hacking SAM file) Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
SAM File - Contains the user names and password hashes for every account on the local machine, or domain if it is a domain controller.

-What are password Hashes?

Actually when we enter password in Windows Logon Tab, Windows encrypts our password using an encryption scheme that turns our password into something that looks like this:


SAM file can be found under C:(default OS drive) -> WINNT -> System32 -> Config -> SAM.

Troubleshooting : While copying SAM file it shows an error of "Access Denied" or "File in Use". Actually copying of SAM file is restricted by Windows.

There are many alternatives to copy SAM file.

[1] You can boot your system in Dos mode or using bootable cd.
[2] After booting in the Dos mode type the command "copy c:\windows\system32\sam.txt d:\" .Type the command without quotes.
[3]Open the Sam.txt file using a small utility called "SamInside" which can be downloaded from goto and type "download SamInside" to download the SamInside utility.

After opening the file with SamInside,you will get the actual password of windows.

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