Hack Facebook

Here I will show you how to hack Facebook easily. Facebook can be hacked in 7 ways (As per my experience).
Freezing Technique
Tab Napping
Password Cracking
Loophole cracking
Social Engineering

Here I will teach you 1 trick.


Social engineering is the best non technical way to hack Facebook. No matter how strongly Facebook have secured their system and pages, it can be hacked by Social Engineering.

Here is an example for you, What do you do if you really forgot your own password?? Well, you try to recover it. Now when you try to recover it using the forgot password link, the site asks you for some information of yours. They ask you your date of birth, a security question etc. When you enter all those details of yours, the site resets your password and you are ready to go. Now using the same technique you can hack anyone’s account. All you need to have is the details of the person like the date of birth and answer of the security questions. You can take it from the victim by casually asking some questions over chat; you have to play with human psychology here. So if you are smart, you can easily hack the account using social engineering without any technical knowledge. I have hacked uncountable accounts using Social Engineering.

Step 1: Note down what information you will be requiring by going and clicking the forgot link on the site (Yahoo, gmail, facebook etc)
Step 2: Take those information from victim using social engineering skills.
Step 3: Goto the site. Click in forgot password link and enter the details you have gathered from victim, so that the site thinks that your are the owner of the account.
Step 4: You are done


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