How get the password behind at risk (*******)

Hello Guys,
Now I am Gonna Show You How to Get Password Behind the Asterisk, that is *******.(This is Mostly Work on Internet Explorer May be on Others Also)

So, Lets Start..... (This is Only for Educational Purpose)

1) Goto Any Login Page, (I have Choose

2)Now U have Enter User-Id and Password (If not already added)

As Following Image

Now You Have Password But you cant read..

So Follow the Important Step.. 

Erase Your Whole Address bar (i.e, http://.....)

And Enter Following Java Script Code.

javascript: alert(document.getElementById('Passwd').value);


Now Press ENTER..... or Click on Go...

You will Get Error.... But that error is Your Password... 

Like this.............


thats it... 
with More tricks Comming Soon... :) :)


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