Change Windows Start Button

Hii friends. Are you still using the old windows button. Why not customize it to your own.Most of the windows users are still unknown about this, Thinking it's copyright material of windows and can't be changed but in real it's not. You can fully customize it with any button you want. I have created some buutons for you all, Use those OR in the next post learn to how to create windows button of your own.
You have to use windows button changer application to change windows button, So go with the below process and Customize your window.

Tools Required:
  • Windows Button Changer.
  • .png format images button.
  • Download Windows changer application and windows buttons by Clicking Here 
  • Dowload the HackingMyWorld.rar file from mediafire.
  • Extract the files.
  • Now you have windows button and windows button changer application.
    Open windows 7 Start button changer application.

    Now you have your windows default button. So, Click on Change.

    Now Goto Extracted folder to choose windows button. Open windows buttons.

    Choose Button you like and click  Open.

    Now, You successfully changed your windows start button.
    Click on OK and do the same for changing all buttons.


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